DOS Design

Design cannot ignore its relationship with people. In this respect, the best inspiration is real life. Everything can be designed, if it's designed well, all become better. A good design serves to improve the quality of life and is also a way of understanding the world.

DESIGN OFFICE SIGNOROTTO is a design firm working in the fields of architecture.
interiors. industrial design and graphic design.
Founded in Treviso (Venice) ltaly. by Arch.Giorgio Signorotto and Arch.Giulio Signorotto.DOS design embraces both experimental and functional design and is driven by its desire to create and apply new ides.
The studio is fuelled by the willingness to experiment different genres and not to stick to a single design discipline.The main ambition of the studio has always been to create concepts and products with a distinct and timeless character.
We see our work as a chance to implement fresh ideas about design and relationships of all interactive elements.
As sometimes designers fell that society is reluctant in accepting modern ideas.we are looking at something new but also familiar to people and we will never stop exploring the answers in daily life from a different point a view.